Making Success Happen

About Us

A&Z Engineering was created in 1972 by Val Miljus in Reading, Berkshire and we've been based in Berkshire ever since. 

From the beginning Val ran the business on the values of providing a quality personalised service and to precisely manufacture products to client specifications. These traditional values have been the foundation of our business and are why we've continued to enjoy strong growth ever since.

In 1999 we officially became a family business when Zora Miljus joined as company secretary and when Zoran arrived in 2002.

Over the years we've worked for customers in many different industries, including automotive, motorsport, rail, oil & gas, medical and also science & research. Many of our customers from over 15 years ago, are still customers today. 

We have invested in our business throughout the years and in 2017 we made further investments by increasing our Berkshire based CNC workshop by 70%, and we've implemented SolidWorks and Tricorn MRP.

Our customer Commitments

To provide the highest quality service, product and traceability.

To invest in the latest, high end Japenese machinery and highly skilled staff

To provide a competitive and realistic pricing policy

Our History

  • 1972  -  A&Z Engineering is opened and based out of Val's home garage using manual machines
  • 1977  -  We move out of the garage and into our first factory at Queen's Road, Reading and started hiring 
  • 1978  -  Bought our first automatic plugboard lathe called a Sprint   
  • 1980  -  We move to Wolsey Road, Caversham in the same building that Herbert Engineering owned in the early 1900s and which is still our home today
  • 1982  -  Bought our first CNC machine a Churchill CT3
  • 1984  -  Impressed with it's uptime and quality we bought our first Okuma, the first of many
  • 1989  -  We take on more space at our Wolsey Road factory
  • 1994  -  A&Z becomes a family business as Zora Miljus joins as our Company Secretary
  • 1996  -  Zora starts to modernise the company by developing a home grown order tracking
  • 1998  -  We take on more space and team members as demand continues to rise
  • 1999  -  We become ISO 9001 and proudly continue our compliance today. It's also the year we became public
  • 2002  -  Zoran joins the family business from Rutherford Laboratory to manage the workshop
  • 2005  -  Implemented MasterCam to start 5-Axis machining
  • 2010  -  Our first twin spindle twin turret mutli-tasking lathe is delivered, a Mori Seiki NZ1500
  • 2012  -  Installed a dedicated inspection room and Mitutoyo CMM CRT-A-S574
  • 2017  -  We add 70% more workshop space, implement SolidWorks and Tricorn MRP