Exceptional Engineering

CNC Turning & MIlling

We undertake high and low volume production working with our clients to understand their exact needs. We primarily use high-end Japanese CNC machines to consistently machine highly accurate components.

We CNC precision machine most types of metals including all aluminums, stainless steel, bronze and titanium. As well plastics including Devlon.

5 Axis and Prototype CNC Machining

Using 5 Axis machining and multi-taksing twin spindle/twin turret lathes, we provide highly accurate and fast machining of products with fewer operatoins. This keeps us efficient and our pricing competitive.

We work closely with our customers as they innovate to develop new products by CNC machining prototypes for them. 

Efficient CNC Machining with CAD/CAM

Now we're using SolidCAM/CAD by SolidSolutions we're even more efficient in our machining process working with your electronic drawings to save programming and setup time.